Computer Security is finally a big deal

computer security

Computer security is finally becoming a concern for people, businesses and governments. For the longest time everyone thought that they couldn’t be hacked because they weren’t important or they dint have anything to hide. With massive hacks like the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Home Depot, eBay, Linked in and others that were thought to be too big to fail. The world is starting to understand that their personal information is important and privacy is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Weak passwords are a problem

People all over the place are using very weak passwords for their logins. People are using passwords that don’t have a capital letter, don’t have a special character or don’t have numbers in them. These are basic concepts for passwords that are simply being over looked. This is putting people at more risk then they need to be.

People reuse the same password for everything.

Another very large problem I’ve been seeing is that people are using the same passwords for every site, computer and application. If someone were to get that password they could log into your bank, your Netflix, your Amazon and do lord knows what. Now that people are linking their credit cards to lots of online services their security exposure is weaker then ever.

People don’t use dual factor authentication

Most people I talk to don’t use dual factor authentication and I have no idea why. it is baffling. The whole point of multiple factor authentication is that you need another factor to use besides the password. You will most commonly see this with an authentication app that changes the numbers and letters every few seconds. Without this no one is able to log into the account. This makes things much more secure then just a username and as password combination. I don’t see this being turned on for enough people I work with.