Computer Security -Sextortion Emails

Sextortion Emails are on the rise in 2019. This new security risk threatens people fears and people pay big dollars to hide from private pictures and videos of them being released.

So, what are sextortion emails?

You are minding your own business and living your life. You go on your phone or your computer and you check your email and there it is. A scary sound email that says someone has hacked into your computer and has video or pictures of you naked or masturbating. They then go on to threaten you with emailing all your contacts, posting to social media and all kinds of other things that would be very embarrassing.

Why these emails work

Because no one wants pictures and videos of their naked videos out other on the internet without their knowing. This ransom had a high pay rate when it first took off as it generally sounds scary. Even the thought of someone being able to access your computer is threatening. Mix in the fact that some people might have nude photos of videos on their computer and this threat works even better.

Usually it’s just a scam

The main good point is this is usually ridiculous. Sometimes the attacker will reference leaked password and send that in plain text as proof they are in your computer.  A lot of times the password has already been changed or the person simply doesn’t have that kind of content on their computers.

What you can do to be sure?

Change all your passwords and don’t use the same password for your computer, websites and application. You should also take the time to scan your computer with a reputable antivirus vendor like Norton, McFee, Malwarebytes, Nod32 and any other you have herd of before.