The BIG list of cyber attack maps

Have you ever checked out the cyber attack maps? If you are looking for a career in computer security or just generally like computer security, then check these out. We have compiled a large list of cyber attack maps from the biggest computer security vendors. We hope you like them, we sure do.

FIREEYE’s attack map

FIREEYE's attack map

FIREEYE is an awesome computer company the boast solutions for security-conscious organizations. If that doesn’t sound cool, I don’t know what does. Their cyber attack map looks awesome and is updated constantly.

Checkpoint’s cyber attack map

Checkpoint's cyber attack map

Checkpoint makes all kinds of security products. They make firewalls, endpoint protection, VPN and cloud security. The basically do everything and their cyber attack map looks nice too.

Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map

Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map

Kapersky is one of the biggest antivirus companies out there. There computer cyber threat map is cool. Sometimes it goes through a Tron live video map flyby, but it’s still pretty darn neat to watch.

Fortinet’s cyber security attack map

Fortinet's cyber security attack map

The Fortinet attack map gives you real time data and their statistics. You will see intrusions prevented, malware programs neutralized and malicious website access and a lot more. If you are looking for a slick attack map then Fortinet’s might be the one for you.

Bitdefender’s real-time cyberthreat map


Bitdefender is another big name in the computer security industry who has an awesome attack map of malware infections. They show infections of trojans, adware, rats and everything else that’s shady and trying to infect the world. Check it out.

Looking Glass’s botnet threat map

Looking Glass's botnet threat map

Looking Glass’s live botnet threat map is awesome and scary at the same time. They give lots of real-time data about botnets spreading. The scary thing about this botnet threat map is how many infections happen per second.

And that’s a wrap

So, there you have it, our big list of real time attack maps. They are fun to look at and can give some really good information on what’s happening around the globe. There are lots of infections, botnets and viruses poking around looking for something to infect.  Make sure you check back as if we find any more awesome threat maps that cover computer security we will definitely update our list!